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Bushman Fridge SC35-52L


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Highly Engineered Quality Cabinet  

35L Capacity with a lift out basket (or 42L Capacity with High Lid), Rugged steel cabinet and base. Thicker insulation all around to prevent temperature loss which further reduces the compressors running time. (35mm Walls and 45mm Bottom).

Internal full surround evaporator ensures efficient operation under all conditions.

The compressor is rubber mounted to its own base plate.

Using the 10 Litre extension collar increases the total capacity to 52 Litres.

Low Currant Draw

With the refrigerator set @ -4C with an ambient temperature of +24C the BUSHMAN uses a mere 16amp hours per day.

Digital Thermostat

This type of thermostat offers (3) three huge advantages over the old fashioned style of mechanical thermostat.

The LED constantly displays the inside temperature.This gives the user the ability to properly monitor and manage performance without having to open the refrigerator which will result in a loss of temperature. Any loss of temperature means longer run time for the compressor which is consuming valuable energy.

The digital thermostat allows the user to set the fridge in a range of + 10 C to - 22 C by 1 C increments. A differential of around 2 C either side of the set temperature eliminates compressor hunting. This allows for far more efficient management of that valuable energy.

Mechanical thermostats are a type of pressure switch and are therefore sensitive to both cold and heat. This means that as the temperature of the day changes, the setting on the dial or knob may need to be adjusted to be able to maintain a constant temperature inside the cabinet.

A digital control does not suffer from this problem. You simply set it and forget it.


As everyone would now be aware the older refrigerant known as "Freon" or "R12" has been classified as ozone depleting and is gradually being phased out. Bushman uses "R134A" refrigerant

Fan Unit

A large 120mm fan unit has been installed to allow for efficient cooling of both the condenser and compressor.

GD30 FDC ACC 12V Compressor

The GD30FDC compressor is designed to operate silently, efficiently and reliably even with an incline of 30 degrees, and works with the environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a. It's design is based on ACC's 'D' series, which has been successfully presented in the market since 1984, with sales of 15 million units.

Protections- Battery protection, Fan over current, Starting failure, Compressor overload, Electronic overheat.

Start and overload protection if compressor doesn't operate at set speed. In this instance the compressor will enter a cycle where it will attempt to start at approximately every 60 seconds. (Note: This can be caused by the wiring which provides power to the fridge being faulty or substandard) Minimum 6mm should be used.

Electronic driver overheat: if the temperature of the control's electronic components becomes too high, an internal sensor will stop the unit.

Battery protection to prevent excessive discharge. The unit is designed to cut out if battery output falls between 10-11V. Cut In/ Cut Out voltages can be varied upon request to suit customer needs.

Extremely silent, smooth and efficient operation with the ability to continue operating even when out of level.

Bushman 12 Volt Fridge Freezer Specifications

CAPACITY: Low-lid 35 litres, High-lid 42 litres, Low-lid and collar 45 litres & 52 litres when using the extension collar and High Lid (see pictures below).

CABINET: Powder coated steel with polycarbonate linear.

LIDS: High impact polycarbonate.

HINGES: Chrome plated steel.

LATCHES: Stainless Steel.

EVAPORATOR: Internal roll bond.

CONDENSER: Fan assisted type.

COMPRESSOR: ACC GD30FDC Brushless 12v/24v current electronically comutated.


FAN: 120mm Brushless DC rating 0.40A

THERMOSTAT: Electronic digital with constant LCD temperature readout, with blue back light.

BATTERY PROTECTION: Standard cut out between 10-11V. HIgh/Low cut in/out options avaliable on request.

TIE DOWN POINTS: 4 x 3mm zinc plated tie down brackets.

LEAD: 2.9 metres, cigarette lighter fitting with built in fuse, right angle connection with ridges to avoid accidental removal.

FEET: 4 X hard rubber detachable feet.

COLOUR: Beige.


HEIGHT: (Standard Low Lid) 380mm

LENGTH : (Not including handles) 660mm

WIDTH: 385mm

WEIGHT :  20kg


HEIGHT: (With High Lid) 470mm

LENGTH : (Not including handles) 660mm

WIDTH: 385mm

WEIGHT:  20.5kg

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