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5 Essential Tools for the Modern Gold Prospector
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5 Essential Tools for the Modern Gold Prospector

Human beings have an innate attraction to shiny objects, and this is why we often seek rare jewels and precious metals. Gold prospecting has been a thing for many years, and this centuries-old tradition is a great way to go relic hunting and make quick cash out of what you’ve uncovered. Gold nugget hunting is a fun way to pass the time, and Australia’s fantastic natural resources just might surprise you.

However, you won’t be finding a gold nugget just by walking along a path and just panning the area. You’ll need to seek these actively through metal detecting devices. Gold metal detectors are a great product to invest in if you plan to go heavy into prospecting, as these can provide you with a quick way to start digging up incredible relics. While the world is filled with trash, there is definitely some treasure mixed in there somewhere. Here’s what you’ll need to start going gold or relic hunting:

1. A Gold Pan

Gold pans were around for centuries to go prospecting. This manual method entails using a specialised pan that is light enough to sift through the earth and find precious rocks and metals. A gold pan is a bare minimum requirement, and even the most advanced gold prospecting enthusiasts used these to get accustomed to the field. Some still believe in this stone-age device instead of using metal detecting technologies, making it relevant today.

2. Storage Vials

Once you’ve discovered pieces of gold and are ready to haul them in, you’ll need the right storage equipment available. Keeping them in your pocket might not always be a good idea, as these can get lost for some odd reason. Use some storage containers or plastic vials that can store individual gold nugget pieces, and have different sizes available in your backpack to ensure everything you find fits. Don’t use glass storage containers as these can shatter if you fall or trip in the field.

3. Strainers

If you’re trying to weed out larger rocks or find significant relics in a sandy or gravel-filled area, a strainer is a perfect solution to your prospecting woes. Sometimes, people who swim in lakes and rivers can lose precious jewellery, which will be your win. If the item has a name on it, maybe it’s a good idea to find the owner. While it’s not always right to keep found jewellery, sometimes, finding the owners might be impossible. In these cases, you have a choice in the end. It’s all up to what you plan to do with your discoveries.

4. Gold Metal Detectors

A gold metal detector will make your job a hundred times more straightforward than sifting through soil and sand with a gold pan or strainer. Run a state of the art metal detector like the Axiom through the goldfields and you’ll be surprised to see what you’ll find. These are costly products, but if you plan to go all out on prospecting, this is how you’ll be making tons of money through relic hunting.

5. A Heavy Duty Magnet

Magnet fishing is the easiest way to find cool things underwater, as these will pull everything that has metal onto it with ease. Strap a strong rope onto it and reel it in to see what kinds of precious metals you find. These are small enough to fit in your pocket and are easily packed in a backpack. However, be sure these are far away from your gold metal detector units, as these might damage the electronics inside them.


Gold prospecting is a great activity that can generate great returns when you find a gold nugget of significant size. If you wish to start finding precious minerals and metals or go relic hunting, you’ll need to be appropriately equipped to do so.

Prospectors Patch is a gold prospector’s best friend when it comes to looking for equipment for relic hunting and finding gold nuggets. We also buy gold from the Australian prospecting community, so your hard work will definitely be rewarded. Shop with us today to find the best tools for the job.

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