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The New Garrett Vortex By Angus L.
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The New Garrett Vortex By Angus L.

The All-New Garrett Vortex!

The All-New Garrett Vortex Is Hitting The Market With A New Lineup Of 3 Detectors!




The all new Vortex series is appearing to be a real winner in the field of relic hunting. This machine is featuring a completely new technology to the handheld detector market called Multi Dimesnional-Multi Frequency. Essentially this new tech will allow the machine to make a far superior target identification than other competing machines, giving the user a better idea of what they are looking at under the soil. This, coupled with its ability to process target signals at an extremely fast speed and its ergonomic design will make searching old sites and heavily trashy areas easier than ever before!


Garrett Vortex Models and Prices

  • VX5 $1199
  • VX7 $1299
  • VX9 $1499

    The Garret Vortex Features 

    • Recovery speed- up to three levels
    • Up to seven different frequency options: Multi, Multi-Salt, 5kHz, 9kHz, 13kHz, 18kHz, 25kHz 
    • Waterproof up to 5 metres
    • Iron Volume control 
    • 5-tones
    • Up to 3-visual, target ID scales: Simple ferrous scale, Complex ferrous scale, non-ferrous scale. 



    Ergonomics & Design

    The weight of the Garret Vortex is a mere 1.3kg. This is exceptionally lightweight and as we know from Garretts previous machines, they are usually very well balanced. This makes the new Vortex a great choice for a machine that can be swung all day long.


    • Collapsible 

    The collapsibility of the Garrett Vortex is really well designed, allowing the user to easily store the machine or backpack it in to a detecting site. The stem locks also allow the coil to rotate so that the coil can be laid parallel to the unit for flat, easy storage.

    • Garrett Vortex Battery Life

    The rechargeable battery life is 15+-hours, which exceeds most multi frequnecy machines.

    Brilliant Vortex Update Options

    If you have the Vortex VX5, you can make a one-time payment to upgrade your machine to the VX7, or VX9 without having to purchase a completely new machine. This is an environmentally friendly way to opt into a new machine. It also means that when you originally make the purchase you don't have to fork out the top tier price right then and there.

    It’s important to note that all of the machines are the same in terms of hardware and external appearance, the real benefit is in the software capabilities, meaning there is also no extra parts to buy either.

    Garrett Vortex Visual Identification

    The Vortex's graph is far more complex than previously seen from Garrett. The VX9 has a multi-axis, 3 tiered target identification scale. The top and bottom scales both cover your ferrous targets and the centre is for your more desirable, high conductivity targets. 

    Explanation from Garrett: "Garrett’s Multi-Dimensional Multi-Frequency (MD-MF) Technology provides deeper and more accurate target analysis and identification. Targets are detected and analyzed using simultaneous multiple frequencies as well as utilizing multiple dimensions of conductivity and ferrous (iron) content.

    This advanced MD-MF analysis takes places within all three Vortex models. It is most visible on the VX-9 model, whose LCD includes a multi-axis Target ID with three distinct scales." As you can see from the below scale, you have the visual feedback from this machine, to give you the ability to make an appropriate decision on what targets you want to dig.



    The all new Vortex appears to be a fantastic option for anybody looking to excel in their relic hunting journey or upgrade to a newer technology unit with more advanced target identification. The ergonomic design and 5m water proof control box are also great additions that give this machine a ton of versatility in the field.

    If you would like purchase the all new Vortex, you can make a pre-order at the link below.



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