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AlgoForce E1500 - A West Australian Perspective
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AlgoForce E1500 - A West Australian Perspective

The new AlgoForce E1500 has hit the electronic prospecting world with outstanding praise. An ultra lightweight, compact, easy to use and incredibly sensitive PI (pulse induction) detector with a starting retail price of $2,275Aud! This is a concept that has never been seen before in the realm of gold prospecting detectors. PI detectors are without a doubt the number one choice when it comes to prospecting in Australia and in particular Western Australia. This is due to their ability to handle the conductive nature of our soils and discern gold targets from lower conductivity minerals such as iron and salt. 

Traditionally, to enter into the world of PI detectors you would be looking at prices starting roughly double that of the E1500. A scary concept for the average weekend worrier and those just looking to dabble in the hobby. Of course, there is always the second hand market, but electronics are fragile and without a warranty you can get stuck with a dud. 



  • 4 search modes (Ultra fine, fine, normal & large)
  • 22 hours of battery life (with our battery option)
  • Dual frequency PI 
  • Ultra stable ground balancing
  • Compact and super lightweight (only 60cm collapsed)
  • compatible with all GP/GPX coils
  • Tone adjustment 
  • Discrimination and pinpointing features
  • Backlit screen and vibrating handle

As you can see, this is a feature packed machine with more useful additions than a lot of the high-end units currently on the market. At only 1.9kg, which is almost identical in weight to the Garrett Axiom detector making it one of the lightest machines in its class. It is easily swung for long periods of time without fatigue. Furthermore, the ease of setup with its automated frequency scan and fast ground balancing are perfect additions to the unit, making it a top choice for anybody looking at getting into gold prospecting and especially those who are looking for a machine they can pack into the caravan and pull out to use in an instant. 

My first thoughts on using the E1500 in the eastern goldfields of Western Australia 

I have now had a bit of time to enjoy this detector out on my home soil and get to know its features and capabilities. To say I was blown away by the E1500 would be an understatement. At only the cost of a high end relic detector, I probably wasn't expecting as much as what this unit delivered. My first thought was to throw this machine into the "deep end" and take it to some of the hottest (most mineral rich) soil I know of. At first I ran the Ultra-Fine mode, knowing this would be the hardest way to operate the machine at this spot. Of course the machine didn't love this and I quickly changed to Fine mode. This is where I really started to see the E1500 shine. Within a matter of minutes I pulled the first piece out, a 0.12gram nugget. This might not seem incredibly impressive to some prospectors, however this ground is for the most part, inoperable in fine modes for a lot of machines that exceed double the value of this detector on the retail market. With high salinity and bright red, iron rich soil, It will make the best of the best chatter like crazy unless tuned down to where they would completely miss a target of this size. 

My E1500 Setup

This is the wireless package option on our webstore: AlgoForce wireless package

We detected for the rest of the afternoon and found a few other pieces, adding to my excitement. Overall I was incredibly impressed with how well the unit operated. A huge pat on the back to the craftsmen at AlgoForce for a job well done. If you are looking to purchase an AlgoForce E1500 or talk more about its capabilities, you can drop in to the store or contact us here.

Next week I will be taking the Garrett Axiom for another spin in the goldfields, be sure to watchout for that blog post and the videos to follow. 

Written by Angus L.

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